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Introducing The Captain's Table

To my many past readers and fans, it is wonderful to write my Captain's Table restaurant review again. I feel, after many requests, and in these very difficult times, we should try to appreciate and support the many restaurants and bars that have opened under the most severe restrictions.

Of course, many of you might ask: Where is open? Or, Do we have to go to Mars? Now, every month, you will just need to read this column in The TPG through which we can once again read about (and visit!) the many great eateries of our Island of Eternal Spring!

If you are a restaurant owner in the South (or the North) and are open for business in these difficult times, I would be pleased to hear from you and pay you a visit to perhaps share a bottle of wine while I tell my hundreds of readers what they are missing!

If you would care to contact me, I will organize myself to renew or discover your fine establishment. I hope to read about you one day soon in my monthly Captain's Table!

Norman Simms
The Captain

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