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The Captain's Table: Metropolis Café, Las Americas

- The Captain's Table

The Captain's Table: Metropolis Café, Las Americas

How many of my readers saw that wonderful film (MANY years ago!) - Shirley Valentine. It is the story of a Liverpool housewife who follows her dream to get away from a very boring life, in particular living with the man who doesn't appreciate her in the least, and heads off to Greece in search of love (AND FINDS IT!).

Living here on our very own paradise Island of Tenerife, you too could copy Shirley Valentine and enjoy a meal with the most beautiful sea view just yards away – if this isn't heaven it must certainly be nearest thing to it!

The Metropolis café is situated in the most perfect front line position and there is a better view ANYWHERE! to accompany your breakfast, lunch or dinner I would like to know where it is. They offer a simply superb menu: for example, for breakfast: smoothies bowl (açaí, super mango) or toasts; for lunch: selection of salads, hamburgers and Boas; for dessert: nice brownies, waffles, ices and sundaes.

What a perfect place to dine – with the most wonderful view on this Island!

If you love people-watching, or surfers or boats, you will enjoy the views from the superb boardwalk adjacent to the famous Villa Cortes hotel. (heading in the opposite direction will take you past McDonald’s). But if you want the finest place to enjoy a beer, sitting by the beach watching surfers - who you feel you can almost touch – and if you ever wanted to feel as if you are in heaven – with super food and great staff... this is it!

Pay The Metropolis café a visit, you won't be disappointed!

The Captain

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