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Pizzeria San Marco, Plaza del Duque, El Duque

- The Captain's Table

Pizzeria San Marco, Plaza del Duque, El Duque

I'm sure everyone knows from past geography lessons there are many lovely parts of Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence, Pizza... which, sadly, are 'off the menu' at the moment, although I think I can offer readers a wonderful alternative, tucked away in nearby Adeje: the restaurant Pizzeria San Marco in Commercial Center Plaza del Duque, opposite the Saturday and Thursday markets (which we hope to open again very soon!).

This lovely little restaurant simply exudes that 'taste of Italy': the staff is Italian, the food is Italian, so, if you are in the area and you love Italian food, you really must try it!

What I love and think is a real touch of class is, if you order one of the house pastas, a waitress will supply you with your own bib (to avoid that'accident' that could so very easily ruin your Armani suit or Versace dress (or even your Primark shirt!).

How about the following from the huge menu:

Pasta: Spaghetti with seafood; Linguine with pesto, prawns and cherry tomato; Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms and truffle cream; Green Rigatoni with walnuts; and Speck and gorgonzola gnocci.

2nd courses: Lemon or white wine scaloppini; Salmon with green pepper sauce; Lamb ribs

Or some chef's suggestions: T-bone steak: King prawns Venetian-style with caramelized onion, pine nuts and raisins, or various types of classic or special pizza freshly made in an Italian oven.

To top off your visit, complete your visit with a glass of superb Italian wine and, as Dean Martin says: That's amore!

Buon appetito!

The Captain

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