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Bloom Bar & Brunch Review

- The Captain's Table

Bloom Bar & Brunch Review

Let's start at the top. Many of my readers who were kind enough to follow my restaurant reviews for the last 10 years might be surprised that this is a comeback, and whilst obviously restaurants and bars have had the most terrible times, I have discovered that on this island one can still dine or drink at many new establishments that are well worth a visit.

Starting with the fantastic new brunch bar Bloom Bar & Brunch - part of the Venture Group - and like all their other restaurants it is both decorated and managed to the highest of standards. I think it is very important that in restaurants you should eat with your eyes, not the 2 Danish girls sitting at the next table, but the superb food. I love a restaurant with beautiful decor and Bloom is a lovely bar with superb decor and seating arrangements.

Luckily for any visitor, the food is superb and the chef makes every dish an art-form on the plate. The choice is superb, served superbly and looks superb - and what a fantastic selection! There are several delicious courses as appetizer, poached eggs with avocado, classic choice of omelet, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and if you like salads, one can choose smoked salmon, chicken or the healthy bowl.

Although not a great fan of healthy dishes (I find that everybody who works in a healthy restaurant looks white and terrible), if you like pancakes or waffles you don't have to go to America to have a wonderful waffle, you can have one here. The Granola Greek or the Blue China yogurt cup ends a fine meal.

I fell in love with this small, intimate restaurant in La Caleta – which, as most readers know, is a lovely area where you can park easily – often right outside the restaurant - or you could take a taxi – it's well worth it!

While the absence of tourists is a significant factor, locals and residents will surely visit this special restaurant. If we meet there please come and join me for a glass of wine.

This is a new 5* attraction, you simply MUST pay a visit!

Until next month, take care,

The Captain

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