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Restaurant Los Abrigos

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Restaurant Los Abrigos

Many years ago, I wrote a song that was recorded by myself and Frank Sinatra: Ol' Man River. One if the song's most beautiful lines describes the superb fish restaurants in Los Abrigos - a Must Visit for all fish lovers.

Los Abrigos is a lovely fishing village with a beautiful harbour and many superb fish restaurants. When I first arrived in Tenerife many years ago, the road from the TF-1 motorway to Los Abrigos was like driving on the moon - potholes, bumps, and broken tarmac - but now there is an excellent road into the heart of the village. If you drive right through to the end you will find our highly recommended, superb restaurant in a very nice community, close to the pretty harbour and a wide range of bars and restaurants.

When visiting 'Restaurant Los Abrigos', try to get a table by the window which will allow you to enjoy the lovely sea views – along with the experience of choosing for yourself the actual fish the chef will prepare especially for you! Everything, from the hot bread, the super sauces, great Canarian potatoes and your choice of fish, will be presented to you superbly. How wonderful to share this experience with a friend or loved one, for a great night out.

We recommend the unique experience of selecting your own fish from the wide variety available – so different to a waiter or waitress putting the plate in front of you. The restaurant is not hugely expensive for the quality of food and surroundings and, if you love seafood - from lobster to calamari, or salmon to dorada – make sure you don't miss out on this one!

And if you see me (as I visit Restaurant Los Abrigos frequently), please come and join me in a bottle of the superb local wine!

The Captain

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