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Jason Brings Home The Gold Medal

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Jason Brings Home The Gold Medal

Jason Slater, head of Los Abrigos Properties, brought home the Gold Medal for Bodybuilding - Men's Physique, in the IFBB Pro League Juniors (under 24s) Championship for the whole of Spain, held in Alicante on the first of November last.

Now 23, Jason has spent years of training at the local gym (2 hours/day, 5/6 times a week, after a hard day at the office! In addition to the gruelling training, diet is just as important -200 grams of chicken breast 7 times a day, no sweets, chocolates, pizzas, etc and certainly no alcohol or cigarettes!

Arriving with his parents, Jo and Tina, in 2012, when they moved from France and bought Los Abrigos Properties - Jason had always been very sporty, with activities in France ranging from Judo to Taekwondo, tennis, kayaking and many other outdoor sports. He took up calisthenics here, which he practised in the local park in Los Abrigos, which, fortunately, had a set of high bars. He quickly made a name for himself spending time teaching local children and was invited by the Cabildo to go to La Gomera to teach young kids there. Calisthenics is a combination of gymnastics and dancing on bars, which is a very cheap sport to enjoy and very appealing to younger children.

The Cabildo saw this as an opportunity to promote sport and reduce problems which teenagers often succumb to, so Jason accepted the invitation, which was voluntary with only expenses paid. After reaching an age where he wasn't allowed in the local par (reserved for minors), he took up bodybuilding and, after a few years of hard training, started to prepare for his first competitions. In his early tournaments this year he quickly became second in the Canary Islands and in October this year reached 2nd in Europe! The year culminated with Jason fulfilling his dream - to become number one in the whole of Spain! (Probably the only Brit to accomplish this feat, as he was when he became Mr Los Abrigos in 2017).

Jason 's dedication and commitment to bodybuilding is not just limited to his sport but to his character and attitude his 'normal ' work in the Estate Agency too. Within months of moving here from France he learned to speak Spanish and after leaving Wingate School he worked for a number of local businesses to get an insight into life and business in the South of the island. He later joined his parents in their Estate Agency and very soon learned to deal with the everyday work of an Agent, assuming not only the role of selling and renting properties, but dealing with all the other aspects, such as arranging the documents needed from overseas buyers (e.g. NIEs, Residencias and changeover of utilities and services on a change of ownership).

Whether it be help with keeping fit, training or dieting or assisting with any aspect of the purchase or sale of a property, Jason is there to help you. You can call him on 627 633 489.

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