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Restaurant Calma - Balkan Cuisine

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Restaurant Calma - Balkan Cuisine

Anybody who comes from Russia or Eastern Europe will no doubt to tell you that some of the most beautiful and treasured items to come from that part of the world were created by Fabergé.

Well people, I am pleased to inform you that I had the great pleasure recently to enjoy a wonderful eastern European experience.

A new restaurant that in my opinion has the best menu and greatest view in Tenerife. This newly created restaurant can be found at No 5 Calle Alemania, C.C. Patio Canario, in Torviscas. The restaurant enjoys, in my opinion, the finest view of any restaurant I have visited. On top of this, the food is sublime, so, if you have never tasted Balkan food, you are in for a wonderful treat!

Enjoy fantastic dishes like Thatziki ans shopska; salads from kyopolou, urnebes, meligiano, lyutenitsa; sarma from typical Balkan appetizers; chevapchichi, plescavita souvlaki from BBQ; or moussaka and macaronada from the wide variety of main courses. They also have a range of delicious Balkan desserts, like baklava, banitsa or a delicious chocolate spread with cream cheese.

Restaurant Calma is run by a charming lady - and maître d' - who will explain each dish perfectly and will make sure the service you receive throughout will be just fabulous! For any readers not familiar with the tastes of eastern Europe, I must tell you that my meal was one of the most enjoyable I have ever had – so, if you like great food, beautiful restaurants, and magnificent views - don't dare miss this one!

The restaurant is open for lunch and evening meals against enchanting background music – to avoid disappointment, call 634 000 443 NOW!

My personal thoughts after having such a wonderful experience I am going to become a Cossack!

Happy New Year!

The Captain

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