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The Beach Club Restaurant at The Hotel Europe Villa Cortés, Playa de Las Americas

- The Captain's Table

The Beach Club Restaurant at The Hotel Europe Villa Cortés, Playa de Las Americas

People ask me where I live, I always tell them I have been living in paradise for many years. Now, what is paradise in my mind? Beautiful golden sands, the waves drifting and breaking when they reach the shore; lovely four poster sand beds on the beach where you can lunch with a cocktail. Sound marvellous? It is!

The Villa Cortés has certainly been one of the two or three best luxury hotels in my opinion. Even when it was called The Europe, this hotel had superb facilities which, in my opinion, have only got better. Recently, I returned to their beach restaurant. It was full and deservedly. Although the hotel been closed due to 'Covid' this fantastic area still attracts residents who continue to enjoy the finest beach club restaurant in the Canary Islands.

To top it all, during lunch the resident disc jockey plays the most romantic songs and music, which adds to the high class experience the restaurant provides. I recommend the lunch, with its superb range of pastas, starters, fish, and meat which is delivered to the same high standard you would receive in the hotel's wonderful dining room.

The Beach Restaurant is located in the Hotel's wonderful deck area, with superb service - what a way to pass a pleasant couple of hours during this mad period of crisis.

The Atlantic with its many surfers provide a superb backdrop and if you are looking for somewhere to take that 'someone special', this has to be THE PLACE! I recommend that you have the excellent lunch and dip your toes in the warm Atlantic waters while big spenders enjoy their soup. Who on earth would want to get into a rocket to Mars when you can enjoy a place like this?!

Make this one a must (they also have a superb wine list, great chef and lovely surroundings - who could wish for more?

The Captain

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