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TPG print date changing from Wednesday to Friday

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TPG print date changing from Wednesday to Friday

For many years now The TPG has typically been printed on the first Wednesday of the month, giving our small team Saturday through Wednesday to prepare it for publication, then Thursday and Friday to deliver the first half of the batch. But starting from next month we will be printing on the closest Friday to the beginning of the month, so for the August 2021 edition, it will be printed on Friday 30th July.

The new change will give our team more time to accept content, make any last-minute changes received from our clients, and also take the pressure off during weeks with public holidays.

Print dates for the next few months

AugustIssue #202Friday 30th July
SeptemberIssue #203Friday 3rd September
OctoberIssue #204Friday 1st October

As always you can view our print dates here, and download our back issues here.

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