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Our new blog will take over from our old 'Online Magazine'

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Our new blog will take over from our old 'Online Magazine'

The Tenerife Property Guide website (and paper for that matter) has gone through many changes over the years, with the latest change seeing us separate our old Magazine section for our new stand-alone blog website - the one you're currently reading this post on, now.

Most of our customer-provided articles that are printed in the paper will appear on this site, as well as other related posts from time to time. Our categories can be viewed using the 'categories drop down' list at the top of the site.

Want to have something published in the paper or on our blog? Send us a message over here, or find us on facebook.

For the technically inclined among you, this is a static website (all the rage at the moment) built with 11ty. The idea is to create each page only once as articles don't normally change after they've been written, removing the need for our server to generate the page each time someone views the same thing (yes, we know we can cache, but it's not quite the same thing). Our plan is to have the main website statically generated in the near future, so it can be as fast is physically possible.

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