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Restaurante Piscis Terraza, La Caleta

- The Captain's Table

Restaurante Piscis Terraza, La Caleta

If I ask any of my readers what they think of the sea, yes, they are correct, it is wet. But, in my opinion, it can be very beautiful too! For example, as the backdrop to a superb fish restaurant.

For many years one of the best known fish restaurants on the Island has been the Restaurante Piscis Terraza in la Caleta. What a superb place to visit! And, from my experience of the huge number of restaurants on the Island, Piscis surely sets the bar!

Without doubt Piscis, which offers diners some of the finest sea views in Tenerife, and if you love fish, you have just found gastronomic heaven. What a superb choice of dishes of many species of fish and seafood, as well as aperitifs and soups, and the most perfect thing for me is that the prices suit any pocket. You will have the finest cooked dishes: salads, shrimps, prawns, tuna, octopus, calamari, the list is almost endless. And if fish is not your favourite food (why are you really here then?) of course, a paella or a wide selection of superb meat dishes area also available.

The restaurant is ideal for a family get-together lunch with lots of space for children to play, or a small, romantic meal in the evening, where you can enjoy a bottle of superb, local wine with your fantastic meal!

Bon appetit!

The Captain

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