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The Long-Term Rental Market in Tenerife

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The Long-Term Rental Market in Tenerife

The buoyant Long Term Rental market in Tenerife provides many people who wish to come and work here the opportunity to 'suck it and see' just where they might want to live before making the big decision on whether or not to buy a property. Rental choices are wide in terms of areas, types of property and the price you will have to pay, and the routes to follow to find something suitable:

Sources include Agents' offices and their websites, 'Se Alquilar' (ie For Rent) signs on doors and windows, or our website.

One word of caution - always check the 'Introducer's Terms of Business, which will include such things as the Rent, the Deposit, Contract Fee and/or an Introducer's Fee.

The best Agents will offer their properties with a Contract allowing you to leave after 3 months and, providing there is no damage to the property, the return of your Deposit. Their Terms of Business will generally be One Month's Rent, One Month's Rent as Deposit and a reasonable Contract Fee of around €150.00.

Please always feel free to contact The TPG with any questions ( or call 609 714 276.

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