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RD Properties/Tenerife Vista Mare partnership in Las Galletas

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RD Properties/Tenerife Vista Mare partnership in Las Galletas

In January 2019, Danny Daryanani, long-time resident of Tenerife and owner of RD Properties, joined forces with Fabio Ferrari - 4-year resident and owner of Tenerife Vista Mare. Both men had worked with each other for some and felt it would be to their mutual benefit to 'team up' and share their talents and resources.

Danny had opened his office in Las Galletas in 2017 and, with Fabio opening his one just along the road from him on the busiest street in town (adjacent to the Post Office), they felt the 'right' time had arrived!

One year on, Danny and his Administrator Kayleigh, pictured left, remain great friends and business partners with Fabio and are confident the partnership will continue to bear fruit well into the future!

So, if you are in the market to either sell, or buy, a property in the Las Galletas/Costa del Silencio area (or further afield!), why don't you pop in and see Danny or Fabio see how they can help you.

Of particular note, Danny and Fabio invite potential purchasers to call for an appointment to discuss their portfolio of interesting Repossessed properties!

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