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Motorworld Tenerife: New Speed Limits on Urban Roads in Spain

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Motorworld Tenerife: New Speed Limits on Urban Roads in Spain

Recently, being officially implemented from 11th May 2021, there are revised speed limits on various roads in Spain and for many the new laws are causing some confusion.

Firstly, many Town Halls have not prepared adequately (most likely a financial thing) so some road markings have not been altered to reflect the new speed limits, and in some cases the road markings have been altered but signs not, and vice versa, so please be aware of this when driving in towns and cities throughout Spain and the islands.

Here we will try and explain in very simple terms for TPG readers:

In Towns and Cities (eg Los Cristianos, Santa Cruz, Las Galletas, Adeje etc.)

  1. On any road with no height difference between the road and pavement (for example the road running along the sea front in Las Americas by the Patch and further) known as a single platform, the speed limit is now 20kms per hour.
  2. On roads with a single lane running in each direction the speed limit is now 30kms per hour.
  3. On roads with two or more lanes in each direction the speed limit is now 50kms per hour.

The main aim - and reason for these changes - is to try to move towards a new city model for the future and to improve road safety for different road users, thus reducing the number of deaths that occur each year in urban areas. According to experts and surveys, by reducing speed limits in cities to 30kms per hour reduces the risk of death by being hit by a vehicle by five times, a significant reduction.

Data from the DGT National Road Safety Observatory, in 2019, shows the accident rate on interurban roads fell by approximately 6% - the same percentage which INCREASED on urban roads, especially among those considered vulnerable groups such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Of course, as with so many changes in Spanish Laws, there are financial consequences and as a result penalties and fines have changed also. Driving over the speed limit will be considered a serious (Grave) offence subject to a Fine of €100 (but with no loss of points on your Licence). Driving at excessive speeds will result in higher fines PLUS loss of points.

SLOW DOWN - SAVE LIVES perhaps should be the slogan used!

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