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Studio4Decor in Los Abrigos is expanding!

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Studio4Decor in Los Abrigos is expanding!

So many people have walked into the Studio4Decor showroom and thought "WOW! I would love my home to look like this!" that Mike has decided to expand his business to include a local just across the road. The new, additional space will specialise in terrace furniture and making cushions for it in the fabric of your choice. The new premises will open in the New Year, so watch this space for the official Opening Date!

Michael is the only English-trained upholsterer in Tenerife, and has been in the soft furnishings business for more than 20 years. He reports that his move to Los Abrigos, where access and parking is excellent, has been his best one to date! His lovely shop on the main street displays some really beautiful soft furnishings, lights, sofas, ornaments, pictures, mirrors and fabrics - all very affordable and you will be very pleasantly surprised by his prices.

Whatever you would like to do with the "look" of your home, Studio4Decor really is the place to head for - even a simple thing like a stunning new picture can transform a room, or perhaps a new light, or mirror. Or, you might like to have new curtains (Mike has all the latest styles/fashions on display) made from the literally hundreds of samples. You might like to add a matching throw for your bed or a custom-built headboard, or even some gorgeous scatter cushions or a vase or two.

All of Mike's sofas on display are hand-made in the craft shop adjoining the shop. Again, you won't find things to be out of your price range - for example, you could have a sofa built to your own specifications for around €800. The huge bonus is that your sofa can be made to fit the space you want it to! You can also have chairs and footstools to match along with a wonderful variety of lovely dining room sets.

There's absolutely no obligation involved in popping in for a chat or giving Michael a ring, and, of course, contact from estate agents is always very welcome.

Sofa from Studio4Decor

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Studio4Decor is open Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 1.30pm and 3pm to 6pm, thereafter by appointment, including Saturdays or Sundays. As you drive into Los Abrigos, you will find Studio4Decor a few yards down from the start on the right as you enter the village - with plenty of parking nearby.

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