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Obituary: Michael Patey

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Obituary: Michael Patey

We are sad to record that Mike, aged 71, a long-time school friend from North Berwick, Scotland, finally succumbed to a long term illness and passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday the 23rd September 2018.

This was a second tragedy for Mike's wife, Sue, who lost her daughter, Sarah, also to cancer, just three months ago, and we send Sue our love and best wishes at this most difficult time.

Mike had a very interesting career, enjoying spells with the Household Cavalry, Mercury Communications and The Royal Bank of Scotland (in IT sales), eventually retiring at the ripe young age of 62. In retirement, Mike and Sue enjoyed lots of time at their home-from-home in Golf del Sur, Tenerife, where the writer bumped into him a few years ago, leading to many, many great nights out (with us trying hard to capture the lovely times we enjoyed in our late teens and early 20's). Mike was a talented watercolour painter, an avid hill-walker and bowler, a keen fisherman, badminton player and golfer (until age and a bad back put an end to these!), raconteur, and a regular contributor to the The TPG as author of the 'Winter Walking in Tenerife' (not forgetting the 'Blighty' ones as well!) articles, much enjoyed by many of our readers.

It is sad to see a contemporary and old friend pass on, but Mike lived life to the full, had a great wife, innumerable friends both in England and here in Tenerife and did lots of nice things for people.

Mike is survived by his lovely wife, Sue and his daughter Sarah.

George Gray,
The Tenerife Property Guide

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