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Planning on moving to Tenerife? Take a long term rental before you buy

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Planning on moving to Tenerife? Take a long term rental before you buy

Many people's life-long dream is to live where it is always sunny and warm! While very few people are lucky enough to achieve this goal, many people still do. The Tenerife Property & Business Guide's advice to anyone thinking of coming to Tenerife to 'live the dream' is simply this: consider long term rentals in Tenerife before you think about buying!

The reason for this is simple: if you buy first and don't like where you have bought, it can be a costly exercise to re-sell and buy somewhere else. Often people coming here come precisely because they have just had a great holiday, in say Los Cristianos or Las Americas - both hugely popular holiday resorts with masses of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, beaches, excursions and so on. There are literally loads of things to do, and loads of people to do it with. However, 'living' here is VERY different to being on HOLIDAY here! You will soon find out that the apartment you have bought near the beach in Las Americas - where you have had many wonderful holidays with friends and family over the years - is NO FUN at all if you are staying here all year round (and working!). Hearing people arrive home, still tipsy, in the early morning wanting to continue to party by the community pool; or leaving to catch an early flight home at 5.00am - or just arriving at one am - dragging their suitcases over the always-tiled floors, getting lost, arguing, making a noise - waking you up night after night - is NO FUN at all!

So, avoid buying in a tourist resort. Instead, contact any of the many Long Term rental agents here in Tenerife to find a suitable property for long term rental (the term generally means renting for a minimum of 3 months and can be as long, if you wish, up to a year). The Tenerife Property & Business Guide has a long term rentals section, where agents post new properties, updating them regularly. Visit this page for an up-to-date list of properties for long term rent here in Tenerife. Via this link you will be able to check out rental properties in the South (the sunny part) of the island, from Los Gigantes to El Medano (and all points between). Prices vary hugely from area to area and we hope that the range on our site will give you an idea where the best value can be had. In general, the period from September to March is the busiest period - when the Northern European swallows come to winter here, before flying back North in the Spring. It pays to plan and try to reserve something before you arrive.

We would also suggest that you contact a number of agents, asking them such things as: Will you explain your normal terms of business? These vary significantly from agent to agent: where one may say: One month's rent as Deposit, plus one month's rent in advance, plus a Contract Fee (ranging from €50 to €500!); Another might say: two months' rent as Deposit, plus a further month's rent in advance, PLUS a month's rent as a Finder's Fee! It really does pay to shop around, and check for yourself that you know exactly what you are agreeing to!

Try to shop around when considering Tenerife long term rentals, to avoid making a large and expensive mistake!

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